[feature request] Synchronize the interface of phone app and contacts app.

asked 2017-11-22 19:56:13 +0300

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updated 2017-11-22 20:04:49 +0300

It would be helpful to synchronize the behavior of the contacts app and the phone app. For my part I often confuse them as they somehow both approach the same intention ("call someone") from different sides. The current way is confusing as you have to remember two different handlings for both apps:

Swiping up in contacts brings the alphabetical contacts mosaic but in phone app you have to drag the pulley menu for getting the dialpad. I know there are multiple ways to improve the handling of both apps (e.g. the patch for "keypad open by default" or this thread). My main concern here is to synchronize both apps in any fashion.

Suggestion 1: The swipe up in contacts app brings the alphabetical mosaic. The swipe up in phone app brings up the dialpad.

Suggestion 2: In both apps the mosaic/dialpad appear from the beginning and an extra button displays the list of recent contacts/calls. In the contacts app the mosaic tile left of the "A" could be used for that.

Suggestion 3: Merge the two apps, as suggested by @User here.

....Feel free to add. I think this could be a good improvement in consistency to the basic user interface of SF OS.

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