Any luck building MPV on Sailfish 2.1?

asked 2017-11-23 23:02:35 +0200

figgis-diggis gravatar image

updated 2017-11-23 23:03:51 +0200

Sorry guys, I know that's a really old question.

According to one brave man somehow managed to compile MPV for Sailfish a year ago.

Just now I tried to do the same and even installed Fedora 27 armv7hl packages and headers for libass and fribidi to have full subtitles support (the main reason I need MPV). But ./waf configure failed because there was no gl backends. Of course I installed all packages with egl in their names and their devel headers but to no avail. So, does anyone know anything about MPV or MPlayer on Sailfish (except the fact that there isn't one)?

P.S. I did see the issue in MPV's bugtracker #4050. But even there the guy said that he managed to compile MPV, he just couldn't run it.

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