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SailfishOS and AlienDalvik (Android) clipboard become disconnected after a while

asked 2017-12-03 23:49:41 +0300

olf gravatar image

updated 2018-10-03 00:17:20 +0300

After quite a while (at least many minutes and not really deterministically) the AlienDalvik (Android) clipboard and SailfishOS clipboard become disconnected, i.e. they both work well on their own but do not share the clipboard content with each other anymore.

Observed under SailfishOS (and previous SFOS 2.1 versions) on a Jolla 1 phone with its AOSP 4.1 based AlienDalvik (i.e. aliendalvik-0.17.35-1). I don't know if that happens with the AOSP 4.4 based AlienDalvik on Jolla C / Intex Aquafish, Jolla Tablet and Xperia X as well; please comment on this, if you use AlienDalvik on such devices and have observed this issue, too.
Originally reported and reproduced by @tortoisedoc in System-wide clipboard (copy-paste) capability.

Edit: Still happens under SailfishOS 2.2.0

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I had issues with the pictures from the Sailfish OS Gallery becoming invisible inside an Android app (Whatsapp). Maybe the two things are related.

Federico ( 2017-12-08 20:40:36 +0300 )edit

Quite unlikely.
This issue is solely about the system-wide clipboard functionality, which is technically unrelated.

olf ( 2017-12-09 05:17:42 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-12-04 04:45:38 +0300

DarkTuring gravatar image

Clipboard should only be shared with the app thats being selected the clipboard otherwise should be secret regardless whether apps are in tiles, a physical action to open or navigate to the app should unlock the clioboard data for SFOS or Android.
Otherwise copy pasting secure content over android is a huge security hazzard.

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theres a difference in an app pasting from the clipboard or the user. Sure, it might not be always possible to differentiate which one is.pasting; but given that sfos has control over the keyboard / android Intents, it should be doable. of course then theres the android/sfos boundary. you could for instance paste in one direction only (for example from android to sfos) like virtualbox. either way, not having a systemwide clipboard is a huge minus for sfos, and lets somewhat of understanding through that theres a lack of vision.

tortoisedoc ( 2017-12-04 07:12:12 +0300 )edit

IMO the clipboard is fully user controlled: It is the user who has to cut or copy content into it and pasting from it thereafter.

The point here is: It is finally working system-wide (i.e. in both directions, either from SailfishOS native apps to Android apps or vice versa), but ceases to do so after a longer run-time.

olf ( 2017-12-05 00:40:41 +0300 )edit

After this disconnect happens, I have to have both source and target apps open while doing the copying. Of course I'm referring to SFOS to Alien Dalvik and vice versa only.

MoritzJT ( 2017-12-06 18:12:26 +0300 )edit
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