Google oauth athorization via SilicaWebView

asked 2017-12-26 00:13:13 +0300

Magog gravatar image

I am developer of the client for sailfish. I use SilicaWebView to authorize applicaiton. It works fine for getpocket auth and auth via firefox account, but doesn't work for auth using google account. First of all auth via google requests to open new page/popup. I open it in my application and continue authorization process. I give rights to my application in my google account but after this all stops. I have 2 webview pages: 1) With start authorization page of my application 2) With white screen after giving rights to application (page contains in code google access_token and other information)

So, I can't authorize my application via google. Refreshing first page doesn't help - it thinks that not auth.

If I try to repeate this actions in sailfish-browser all works. After giving rights, page becoma white, then self-closed and first page continue authorization with google approved.

In webpirate auth process stops on the same step.

Is it possible to do this using SilicaWebView ot no?

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