Developer support program(s) wanted/needed/useful?

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It worries me that the developers of apps I am most excited about seem to be not in a hurry at all to get to the Jolla app store up to the point of.. maybe ignoring it even? I mean Whatsapp client, Tweetiean, Foursail, YouTube player, you might have some other examples in mind.

Reasons are different. Some people just don't want to mess with harbour API restrictions while OpenRepos serve them fine, some don't want to care about figuring out which Positioning/DBus/Whatever API is going to be the real proper one, some maybe don't see any use from harbour approvals due to the features missing (think Whatsapp client that looses half of usefulness if it cannot run in the background from device bootup).

Whatever, all these issues, IMHO, have a standard solution called Developer Programs. You know, some Jolla people actually contacting developers proactively, helping them up to the point of writing a bit of code, proof of concept or configuration, maybe free tickets to extended support service, maybe featured status in the app store - options are many.

Is it maybe time to start some developer program like this? Or is it an overkill and mailing list + IRC channel are totally adequate? What do you think?

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Asked on 06 July, they said it's a good idea. but no more further actions

Basil ( 2014-01-21 08:38:55 +0300 )edit

I've posted that to help few devs to have a Jolla: It is not the same idea, but it could help some developers.

TeHeR ( 2014-01-21 15:44:46 +0300 )edit