[fixed] flash userdata sailfish.img001 - MD5 correct, 0KB flashed [answered]

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Dear Sailfish-friends,

After 2 days preparation and thorough research, I reached the final step of flashing Sailfish X onto my just acquired Xperia X. I followed mostly the great guidance on sailfishmods.de and later on the official windows instructions to copy sailfish onto my device.

Beforehand, I updated the f5121 with Emma to 34.3.A.0.252. I ran everything from a virtual windows machine in parallels.

I launched the flash-on-windows.bat and everything seems to run smoothly. However, I notice that the input for userdata (sailfish.img001) is detected, but not copied. The log looks like this:

MD5SUM 'b642400e50753be51c3fb92d4bb04c99' match for file 'sailfish.img001'.
C:\Users\Sigma\Sailfish\SailfishOS->fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce flash userdata sailfish.img001
target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes
erasing 'userdata'...
OKAY [  0.201s]
sending sparse 'userdata' 1/1 (0 KB)...
OKAY [  0.024s]
writing 'userdata' 1/1...
OKAY [  0.014s]
finished. total time: 0.245s

The preceding fastboot flash system fimage.img001 is executed properly and split into two transfers, subsequent fastboot flash oem %blobfilename% runs fine as well (which caused issues when I tried to flash an android version that was not flashed with emma).

How can I transfer the userdata into the sailfish system? (: As of now it's a brick that restarts in a loop after showing the sony logo for few seconds

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I connected the xperia to my mac now and ran the single command fastboot flash userdata sailfish.img001 manually. now it's flashed to the device. in the virtual windows machine it didn't.

no reboot loop anymore, sailfish is booting up (((:

Burcardo ( 2018-01-04 10:32:08 +0300 )edit

Might be that my phone's battery was drained while Emma downloaded the image and it was connected to my USB port of the macbook air

Burcardo ( 2018-01-21 00:31:16 +0300 )edit