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[Xperia X] Roaming does not show local operator and does not show connection

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asked 2018-01-07 15:39:14 +0300

Raymaen gravatar image

updated 2018-03-11 15:23:00 +0300

I'm from Germany. Over x-mas i was in Norway and after new Year in Switzerland.

My Phone (Xperia X) was always switched on. The roaming option was switched to "always on" in Norway (Oslo). But I did not get any connection. There was a striped sqare on the place where the 4G-symbol normally is. Setting to flightmode and back did not help. Also deactivating and activating mobile data did not work. After a restart, the system tried to connect to a network but it failed several times. I restarted again and tried to connect to a network manually, but there was no regional provider shown. All that was shown was "" and that 3 times! So I chose the first one. It got connected somehow, but it did not work well. So restart again and auto connection to network ("" in Oslo???). Then I had to play around with those settings over and over again after loosing connection the whole time i was in Norway.

In Switzerland i switched off mobile Data because the data-roaming has enormous costs there (0,49EUR for 50kB)!!! The Problem was again, that i did not see the regional providers of Switzerland and an automatic connection did not work. So again and again restart the Phone until i got connection (sms). Also the Symbols showed a 4G Connection with the two active triangles while the Dataconnection was switched off. That bug could cause a lot of costs for customers and has to be resolved as fast as possible with a patch!! I've read about something similar in another thread: (--> There the Guy got a fix sent via Email after contacting jolla-support... will this fix get out fast to all the xperias in the coming days? This Issue makes Sailfish X unusable in other Countries!

Update: comment by Juvirkku: The upcoming 2.1.4 release (expected in February; early access in January most likely) contains a fix for mobile data. It concerns automatic network selection, especially when crossing country borders. So there is hope this stadard functionality will work after update 2.1.4!

Update 2: it looks like nothing has been patched in and the connectivity is still in a verry bad shape. How is Jolla planing on conquer the the markets with such a messed up connectivity of the system??? Please concentrate on these bugs before you invest your limited resources into other devices! Noone wants a new device that you have to restart again and again just to be able to make a call!

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just came.from slovenia and croatia.

in slovenia all was working as expected.

in croatia i could not.get connection. then i did remember that i had the same issue on jolla1 two years back.

i did download the docs from my provider and did adapt the conn settings. in my case from web to webaut

aftet that all was working.fine

pawel ( 2018-01-07 19:38:11 +0300 )edit

this is kinda crap if we have to do that manually... Jolla should update these informations automatically on a regular basis.

Raymaen ( 2018-01-07 21:40:13 +0300 )edit

Had the same issue with not getting connected after beeing in basemant where no network was available. Sometimes setting flightmode once helped, but most times restart needed. I'm from Germany and also have T-Mobile.

SaimenSays ( 2018-01-07 23:44:34 +0300 )edit

I'm currently Czech Republic, having just bought a .cz sim card, as both the .au & .pl sim cards I have (I'm holidaying in Poland from Australia)

@pawel What I understand you're saying is endusers need to contact Jolla when they go overseas to get the network settings?

This from a European company, for software that's only available for purchase in Europe? If I was based here this would be a dealbreaker.

Does anyone know what settings I need for to work in .cz?

rfa ( 2018-01-09 20:20:45 +0300 )edit

Living in Switzerland and crossing the border to France, got the same problem. I started a new thread :

pascalm ( 2018-01-10 17:29:13 +0300 )edit

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answered 2018-03-10 23:09:31 +0300

the issue is still there with 2.1.4!

no improvement at all

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Unfortunately I must confirm that the problem is not fixed - at least in my case. After reading changelog I kind of expected that, but yesterday was in France and could not get my Xperia to connect to any network (phone function was not working, not only data). In the meantime I bought another phone (Android) and after swapping the SIM cards I had no problem to connect. So obviously there is something wrong with Sailfish setting on Xperia. My provider is blau (Germany).

Marius ( 2018-03-12 10:26:08 +0300 )edit

answered 2018-03-11 00:01:07 +0300

SaimenSays gravatar image

I've reported this issue to Jolla support while recognizing the bug is still existing in 2.1.4 EarlyAccess. They told me to send them logs, what I did. But after that, they told me that there will be no fix in 2.1.4 release.

They adviced me to try Reverting to Android and reinstalling Sailfish, but can't guarantee that this would fix the issue 100%. So I've not done this up to now and still doing multiple reboots a day when traveling around :(

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another good reason to NOT buy into SailfishX. More broken software, what a joke, one that isn't funny.

Edz ( 2018-03-11 10:17:38 +0300 )edit

THIS is ridiculous

emschi ( 2018-03-11 19:53:31 +0300 )edit

Can someone explain the reason behind this? I have the same issue and also was advised by Jolla Zendesk to revert to Android & reinstall SF. I at least want to learn something if I sacrifice an afternoon trying to fix my phone...

Spark ( 2018-04-17 10:35:34 +0300 )edit
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