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At the moment it is possible to edit questions, answers and comments in this forum. However for every question and answer that was edited there is a revision history page available. Unfortunately it is very hard to find this functionality.

This should be improved significant. I do have the following suggestions:

1. Rename the link

  • Currently it is called "updated x minutes/hours/days/... ago".
  • My proposal is to change it to "see all revisions - updated x minutes/hours/days/... ago"

2. Show place holder for the link even if there is no update

At the moment there is a link only if the content is edited already (see seond red frame on Screenshot below) There should be a place holder for the revision history link that might be grey or something like that to show that it is not clickable: "revision history - no update yet"

3. Improve visibility of the link

The link to the revision history should be easy to find. At the moment the link is hard to detect as you can see on the following screenshot:

image description

I propose have at least more space around the link so it does not look like a part of the text around.

If only one person edits an entry it is a little better as you can see on this second screenshot:

image description

Here it have similar css definitions as the box with the user information above.

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