Transfer of Sailfish X Android compatibility layer

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So errr... this is quite embarrassing, but nevertheless.

Let's imagine someone (well, me actually) was really stupid and got himself Sailfish X image before buying the real phone and then when comparing X and X Compact in shop decided that he was too clumsy to hold the original X with its glossy finish while the Compact was quite alright since it's, well, compact.

So now that someone, fully understanding the meaning of the word "irrevocable" and that he'd been warned (so no offence taken), just eagerly awaits the @steph image. But also he wonders: since X and X Compact share SoC and most of other hardware, will it be possible to transfer and use the X android layer and xt9 from his Sailfish X image? Maybe he would be able to transfer some of the configs or keys from that image to access the X repos with the droid layer and xt9? Or just copy the necessary libraries (though he really would prefer proper rpm installation)?

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I would say :

  • from a technical point of vew : the Xperia X and X compact are close enough for the commercial closed source component to be able to run on either. You should be technically able to use alient-dalvik and co.
  • from a licensing point of view : you both Sailfish X from the shop, you have a license. That license is tied to your Jolla Account. If you add a Jolla Account to Sailfish X, you might be able to access the commercial closed source component to which you are entitled. (One device per Sailfish X buy).

So it might work. Maybe some employee from Jolla Oy could step in and give more details about this ?

DrYak ( 2018-02-05 12:03:38 +0200 )edit

I hope an official image for x compact will be availablr soon(tm) ;-)

naytsyrhc ( 2018-02-05 15:43:27 +0200 )edit

@DrYak many thanks for confirming my suspicions )

figgis-diggis ( 2018-02-05 18:42:46 +0200 )edit