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Experience with Sony warranty? [answered]

asked 2018-02-05 15:39:36 +0200

naytsyrhc gravatar image

I know about all the FAQs and different talks about Sony Xperia and warranty. I also read the disclaimers during unlock process. But my question is: did anyone here already have some experience with sony customer care and warranty in our special case? I ask, because I think I have an issue with my Xperia X compacts headphone jack. The phone doesn't recognize headphones anymore when connecting (sound still goes through phone speakers, csd tool doesn't recognize headphone button). Bluetooth headphones do not have any problems. My strategy would now be, to reinstall android, check headphone jacks functionality and if problem persists I'd bring the phone to sony customer care. Any thougts here?

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Well, i had some experience with Sony few years ago trying to fix my Xperia ZR (incidentally, it was broken jack in my case too). They're alright but my phone's warranty had already expired and replacing the jack was too costly for my old phone (since they replace the screen too). Not very relevant experience then)

Come to think of it, the jack on my Compact doesn't look that sturdy either. Damn it, Sony, get it together!

Wait... Sailfish on Compact? Are you one of the testers or there are images available?

figgis-diggis ( 2018-02-05 16:08:24 +0200 )edit

maybe try this first (fixed the issue for me a long time ago)....

rgrnetalk ( 2018-02-05 17:03:42 +0200 )edit

@figgis-diggis yes, I'm one of the testers so to say. I.e. I have the image from @steph on my compact. Tried to compile it myself, but ended up with steph's. @rgrnetalk thanks for the link. Didn't find that one during search. Will definetely try it.

naytsyrhc ( 2018-02-05 17:54:21 +0200 )edit

@rgrnetalk that trick unfortunately didn't work for me. So my plan still is to reinstall android, check and probably go to customer care...

naytsyrhc ( 2018-02-06 07:51:18 +0200 )edit

Sorry for you it didn't work. Good luck with the other steps!

rgrnetalk ( 2018-02-06 08:23:26 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-04-26 00:08:11 +0200

1chb gravatar image

I had to replace my headphone jack as well. It only recognized the plug when I inserted it into the bottom, some plugs worked better than others but as soon as I touched the plug the sound was turned off since it though I had unplugged it.

So I went back to the store (Elgiganten in Sweden) and they sent the phone to Sony's repair shop which replaced the audio jack and for some reason also the usb connector. It was on the warranty so I didn't have to pay anything for it. And they didn't destroy my Sailfish installation, but I got a notice from them that there is no warranty on the motherboard since I had modified the software. Maybe reasonable. It was purely a hardware problem with my audio jack which cannot be blamed on the software.

Hope this helps.

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Thus as conclusion: The hardware based warranty still persist, but not the software based warranty. I remember having read that, too.

N9Sailfish ( 2018-04-26 08:43:10 +0200 )edit

how is a motherboard considered as a software component? I don't understand..

c.la ( 2018-04-26 12:33:35 +0200 )edit

Of course it was known, that warranty only covers hardware. But my question aimed at exactly that. Does the promise hold in reality. I'm very happy to hear, that your phone got repaired without extra charges allthough you did not restore android on it. That's what you agreed to on unlocking the phone, that you will cover any extra costs on warranty repairs if necessary. Thus I thought it is necessary to restore android on the device before claiming for warranty. I still haven't done so and am using bluetooth headsets now, but your experience encourages me to try it... So thanks for sharing!

naytsyrhc ( 2018-04-26 13:28:10 +0200 )edit

I recently bought an Xperia XA2 with the purpose of flashing Sailfish on it. I immediately unlocked the bootloader to, well, make sure that it CAN be unlocked (otherwise it would be of no use to me). Shortly after I noticed that the accelerometer was not working. I took it to the service center and they want to charge me more than half of the phone's price to replace the motherboard. They say that I have modified the software and I have voided the warranty... keep in mind I have not flashed anything yet, I only unlocked the bootloader. I also spoke with Sony support directly and the retailer shop, they all claim the same thing like little robots....

thisisme ( 2018-11-28 08:45:31 +0200 )edit

So, is it necessary to flash Android back in order to get free warranty service for Xperia phones?


VoPa ( 2019-04-15 18:14:45 +0200 )edit

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