[Sailfish X] Microphone not sensitive enough

asked 2018-02-08 22:10:08 +0200

AA-0001 gravatar image


I think the microphone quality is not too bad but when I record something, it's not loud enough. Is there a way to change that ?

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I think I remember something about only one of the two microphones available being used. I guess it could be related to that.

MartinK ( 2018-02-08 22:13:10 +0200 )edit

In that case, it will be improved in the future right ?

AA-0001 ( 2018-02-08 22:19:18 +0200 )edit

@MartinK: Second micro is normally only used for noise cancelation.

SaimenSays ( 2018-02-09 15:28:36 +0200 )edit