[bug] [Jolla C] 4g only(sim1 or 2) +any network(sim1 or 2)= Over heating and excessive power drain

asked 2018-02-16 17:45:39 +0300

JoneK gravatar image

I clocked 3w power drain, after restart 1 minute uptime nothing was on. But this was after the initial discovery of this odd bug.

I Finaly swiched from 3G to 4G and I did it with unorthodox method, mobile broadband sim to slot 1 and phonenumbered sim to slot 2... Well they where reversed first, but this is the configure right now.

First I shared my network for my son and he was happily using Youtube, i noticed excessive heating issue, the thing was blazing hot.. battery sensor told me over 40C. I didn't care about it until the phone started to restart on it's own. Restart issue is a separate issue with a separate issue on this tracker. But this alerted me to the heating issue with 0kb/s transferring it was still drawing power like a maniac. And I tried to restart the phone, even tough it had on it's own already restarted few times...

After this restart I noticed the phone heating up instantly after the restart and after opening the battery app it revealed that 3w of power constant load, and nothing was going on. 3w power drain

This issue appeared only after 4G sim was installed and I started to use 4G, previously my phone ran quite cool even if I was stressing the 3G modem with 21Mb/s download speeds...

And I don't think there is a mining tool installed since now it's cool and calm.Cool and calm

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