A1 TV (Android) app no longer works with 2.1.4

asked 2018-02-25 13:40:39 +0300

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OK, I assume Jolla will not regard this as a major show stopper, but I just have to report that anyway. Maybe it's a small symptom of a bug yet to be discovered and other people will find similar issues in other apps:

A1 TV is one of the few Android apps I use a lot on my Jolla devices. Almost daily. It's a combined TV guide, remote control, streaming app and whatnot from my local cable TV provider. (local = nobody outside Austria will care) It requires Android > 4.1 and wasn't updated since January 2017.

Since 2.1.4, the app lost all functionality associated with its TV guide. While streaming of live TV and access to information about movies available via VoD do still work, trying to open the TV guide ends with either a black screen or a list of spinning circles. Sometimes - but not reliably - there's a text saying "Cannot reach service" in German. It's difficult to tell from this what's going on. It could be a network issue in the android layer, an XML parsing issue (I assume TV data is sent as XML), whatever.

The server is OK, everything still works fine with my real Android phone from Samsung.

I experience this problem with my Sony Xperia X and my Jolla tablet. I still need to check with my retired Jolla 1. People say Alien Dalvik changes didn't affect the Jolla 1, is that right?

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Similar issue with Belgian Proximus' "TV everywhere" (sic) app. Workaround: temporarily rename (as root) /bin/su and /usr/bin/su as 'sux'

Some naive developers believe it's smart to ban phones with 'su'

objectifnul ( 2018-02-28 12:12:19 +0300 )edit