Sms keeps trying to be sent

asked 2018-03-03 01:31:01 +0200

updated 2018-03-03 01:55:09 +0200

I tried to send an sms to an international number without having any credit on my prepaid sim-card. This lead to Sailfish continuously trying to send the sms and the mobile operator sending me a message for each attempt that I don't have enough credit for this action.

Trying to stop the flood of warning sms messages from my operator, I deleted the sms message which appeared to be in "Sending..." state. After this, I cannot see the sms in the Messages app any more, however I keep receiving warnings from the mobile operator as if I am still trying to send it.

This is a really bad issue as I seem to be left without any choice but to stay disconnected from the mobile network until I can recharge so that the message is sent. Otherwise, I am flooded with 1 sms every few seconds.

Any idea for stopping this madness?

Edit: I am using Sailfish OS version (Iijoki) on Jolla C.

Later Edit: In the end I recharged my sim-card and the notifications stopped. I still think this is a big issue and it should be handled in future updates. One simple option would be to prevent deleting a message if it is in the "Sending" state. Ideally, the sending attempts should stop if the message is deleted.

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