Lapuanjoki: OGG Vorbis Metadata (Title, Artist, Album Art) mostly missing

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A problem with my SD card made me copy my music from my PC to the internal storage of my XperiaX. This is the first time tracker got these files a food again since I first installed Sailfish on the device. Of course, as always with OGG Vorbis files, album art is missing. (Open since 2014, no progress.)

Also an old bug that had been solved in the meantime but is obviously back again: The title of the song is missing. What's shown instead is the file name.

What's new (apparently with Lapuanjoki, maybe an earlier version already): Artist name missing

So basically I have a lot of "unknown artist" Albums now that don't show any album art and use the file names as song titles. Before Lapuanjoki, at least the name of the artist and the song title was there.

Here's the output of vorbiscomment for one of the affected files:

TITLE=For Real
DESCRIPTION=Gerippt mit Sound Juicer
COVERART=/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABA... cut for convenience

This translates to the following tracker info on a PC:

Informationen für Eintrag werden abgefragt:'11 - For Real.ogg'
'' = 'urn:artist:Athena'
'' = '2007-06-25T20:05:23Z'
'' = '2007-06-25T20:05:27Z'
'' = ''
'' = 'urn:nepomuk:datasource:9291a450-1d49-11de-8c30-0800200c9a66'
'' = 'For Real'
[... cut away a lot here and between the following lines ...]
'nie:title' = 'For Real'
'nco:contributor' = 'urn:artist:Athena'
'nfo:genre' = 'Ska'
'nmm:musicAlbum' = 'urn:album:Us'
'nmm:musicAlbumDisc' = 'urn:album-disc:Us:Disc1'
'nmm:performer' = 'urn:artist:Athena'
'nmm:trackNumber' = '11'

Note the lines that contain 'urn:artist:Athena' and 'For Real'. Athena is the name of the band, 'For Real' is the song.
Tracker info on Sailfish gives me this, and as expected after seeing the media player's UI, references to 'urn:artist:Athena' and 'For Real' are missing (note the warning at the beginning):

(tracker info:11057): Tracker-WARNING **: Locale '0' is not set, defaulting to C locale

(tracker info:11057): Tracker-WARNING **: tracker-backend.vala:211: Falling back to bus backend, the direct backend failed to initialize: Locale change detected (DB:tr_TR.utf8, User/App:C)
Querying information for entity:'11 - For Real.ogg'
[... again, maaany lines cut ...]
'' = '2018-03-08T17:58:11Z'
'' = '2018-03-08T17:58:16Z'
'' = ''
'' = 'urn:nepomuk:datasource:9291a450-1d49-11de-8c30-0800200c9a66'
'nie:url' = 'file:///home/nemo/Music/Athena/Us/11%20-%20For%20Real.ogg'
'nie:isPartOf' = 'urn:uuid:a9388653-2a7e-d324-3fd7-5e15a5a9f094'
'nfo:belongsToContainer' = 'urn:uuid:a9388653-2a7e-d324-3fd7-5e15a5a9f094'
'tracker:available' = 'true'
'nie:isLogicalPartOf' = 'urn:album:Us'
'nie:isLogicalPartOf' = 'urn:album-disc:Us:Disc1'
'nfo:fileName' = '11 - For Real.ogg'
'nmm:musicAlbum' = 'urn:album:Us'
'nmm:musicAlbumDisc' = 'urn:album-disc:Us:Disc1'
'nmm:trackNumber' = '11'

MP3 files, as expected, don't have these problems. Both tracker versions are 1.12.4.

BTW I copied the files using SFTP.

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