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Jolla 1 CardDAV syncro went beserk since about 3 weeks

asked 2018-03-16 14:20:08 +0200

chappi gravatar image

Since years I had a Jolla1 with enabled synchronization with Fastmail (email, contacts, calendar).

Suddenly (probably after an update but I'm not sure) about 3 weeks ago, the whole monthly traffic got blown through (1.5 Gb). After deleting these three sync jobs, the traffic went back to normal. Simply disabling the 3 three sync accounts didn't help. When I re-installed one sync account (CardDAV) I could watch how the 'data counter' went up.

Question. Does this problem occur for others also? Likely it is Fastmail-Jolla specific. Then, how would one debug this? Saw some technical thread about config, but don't know what is current. And if not really necessary I'd prefer not to 'immerse' myself in those technical details.

(Bloody annoying, email, contact, calendar was _the_ main purpose of my Jolla 1) :-(


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Yes, I'm having a similar problem with my Sailfish X. I haven't noticed the data consumption, but I was having a problem that my open apps were being regularly closed by the memory manager. Using the system monitor, I noticed a huge peak in memory consumption every 30 min, which happened to match the update interval of my email account. I have since change this interval to once a day to avoid having to constantly restart my open apps. Something is definitely not right. Maybe someone else has more detailed information on this.

shfit ( 2018-03-17 20:59:37 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-03-26 17:09:51 +0200

chappi gravatar image

(Answering myself) After waiting 10 days I now re-added again the three (Email, Calendar, Contacts) accounts with fastmail. So far the data traffic looks fine, i.e. there is very little. A pity I don't know the reason for the initial hiccup (deleted and re-connected the three accounts before without effect).

But now it works and as (almost) no one else had this fastmail/jolla problem I 'just hope for the best' ... ☺

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