System corrupted, then repaired

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Very strange story: today, my device went unstable after I updated or installed some apps (see below). Symptoms: (i) screen rotation caused sometimes system reboot and/or lipstick restart, (ii) tapping on Sailfish-weather lockscreen widget to display 5-day forecast crashed lipstick, (iii) many web sites (not only well-known & Co) crashed sailfish-browser.

Recently installed or updated apps were: Storeman, Prepatch, Applock, Mashka, YTplayer (fork).

What I did to fix the problem (after having reverted recent installs/updates) : (i) pkcon refresh + pkcon update, (ii) disabled all patches, (iii) reboot, (iv) version --dup, (v) reboot, (vi) re-enabled same patches as before, (vii) reboot => system now OK (without Prepatch, Applock, Mashka).

Please consider that I'm not accusing any of the apps above. I just want to describe an unexplained issue and its unexplained workaround. Not sure of which action above fixed the issue. Curious to learn if anyone else experienced something similar.

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Did you launch Mashka and delete something with it?

mentaljam ( 2018-03-20 09:45:14 +0200 )edit

@mentaljam Yes, but I think the explanation is a Prepatch/weather widget conflict. See here:


Originally Posted by cy8aer New one: when running analog clock on start screen patch with weather applet the weather applet clicking on the applet for opening and closing the forecast it crashes lipstick. Oh, that's a weird one D: I can confirm that it only happens when prepatch is enabled an am now working on finding out what causes it."

objectifnul ( 2018-03-20 10:08:28 +0200 )edit

I located and fixed the issue in prepatch that most likely caused your problem! I'll push the update later today.

jakibaki ( 2018-03-20 13:50:36 +0200 )edit

@jakibaki this is what is called investigative solution, just what this community is all about, kudos

DameCENO ( 2018-03-20 14:11:20 +0200 )edit