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Joplin sync notes with nextcloud

asked 2018-03-20 16:39:45 +0300

Anyone interested in porting this? Ideally it would be great for the notes app built in to sync with nextcloud, but I would accept this too. http://joplin.cozic.net/

Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. The notes are in Markdown format.

Notes exported from Evernote via .enex files can be imported into Joplin, including the formatted content (which is converted to Markdown), resources (images, attachments, etc.) and complete metadata (geolocation, updated time, created time, etc.). Plain Markdown files can also be imported.

The notes can be synchronised with various cloud services including Nextcloud, the file system (for example with a network directory) or with Microsoft OneDrive. When synchronising the notes, notebooks, tags and other metadata are saved to plain text files which can be easily inspected, backed up and moved around.

The UI of the terminal client is built on top of the great terminal-kit library, the desktop client using Electron, and the Android client front end is done using React Native.

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Tried it with the android app using the apk download - works so far with my nextcloud. Reminders/alarms can be set, but didn't show up.

Cryx ( 2018-03-22 10:36:43 +0300 )edit

Agreed, I'm a big fan of Joplin and am using the Android app on my XA2. A native app would be truly awesome

cartron ( 2020-02-25 22:41:13 +0300 )edit

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answered 2018-03-20 19:37:52 +0300

richie gravatar image

Sailfish 3 annoucement on Jolla homepage, mentions that the Notes app will add cloud syncing. Might be worth waiting for it.

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Oh I missed that, well in that case maybe I should close this, unless there are features in Joplin that others want to explore, but you do in part at least answer the question.

marxistvegan ( 2018-03-20 23:43:11 +0300 )edit

Question is if the native sailfish synced notes will could be accessed / edited with non-sailfish devices (or even the nextcloud notes app).

Cryx ( 2018-03-22 10:39:32 +0300 )edit

answered 2020-02-23 13:20:24 +0300

fridl gravatar image

There ia a app in open repos doing a great job: nextcloud-notes Perhapse improving this one would make less effort.

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answered 2020-02-23 12:26:31 +0300

JSEHV gravatar image

We are waiting already more than 2 years on the promised Notes syncing. I don't think the syncing will support as much features as Joplin. So:

Any developer that wants to build this into a native Sailfish OS app?

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