Problem with Galery and Media App after Update to Lapuanjoki

asked 2018-03-30 13:59:25 +0300

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After the last Update ( Lapuanjoki) on my Jolla smartphone I have the following Problems:


The galery app shows some of my pictures on the phone and some can´t be shown (not as miniature and not as normal size). The bug affect´s both - pictures I have taken with my smartphone and also pictures on the sd-card, that I imported there with my computer. But some of the pictures can be shown correctly (also both kinds).

I can´t figure out why this happened. This bug just appeared after the last Update of Sailfish Os. But I didn´t change any of the pictures or data on the sd-card after the update.

Also it did´t help to turn the phone off and on again or to put out and back in the sd-card (hardware).


Also I have noticed a disadvantage in the user-experience on the Media-App after the Update. In the App you can choose your music by "Titel" "Interpret" or "Album". I have a lot of music albums on my Jolla with different performers, so if I like to listen to the whole Album I would choose by "Album". Bevor the Update it was easy to chose an album in the app and play all songs like they are mixed on the CD. After the update, the Media-App sorts the Album by the Album-Name and the Interpret. So if I choose the music by Album, there is not just one Item with all the songs, there are as many items as performers on the album and I can´t get the whole album with all the songs at once.

To be clear I do an Example:

Music choosen by Album bevore the Update:

Soundtrack of a Movie (Interpret A, Interpret B, Interpret C, ...) Album of only one Interpert (Interpret Z)

If I choose any of these List, there will be shown all songs on the album.

Music choosen by Album after the Update:

Soundtrack of a Movie (Interpret A) Album of only one Interpert (Interpret Z) Soundtrack of a Movie (Interpret B) Some other Album Soundtrack of a Movie (Interpret C) Soundtrack of a Movie (...)

If I choose one of the "Soundtrack" Items, there will only be shown the songs of that one Interpret, I can´t find an Item with the whole album.

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I investigated this issue last weeks:

  • music was playable if selected from playlists
  • music files not listed in database
  • only files in SDcard were unavailable

After SD CARD formatting: - music files were visible: the database updated successfully - After reboot: again the database showed only files in internal memory - The music files listed in playlists cannot be played

Tried to unmount / mount SD CARD: - music files in SD CARD were not visible: the database updated successfully - The music files listed in playlists cannot be played

If I use the FLOW PLAYER I can listen all songs: FLOW PLAYER database can list by artist and by album every song in both internal and SD CARD memory

philter ( 2018-04-16 14:55:19 +0300 )edit