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TOHKBD to give away [answered]

asked 2018-04-16 15:12:04 +0200

chappi gravatar image

updated 2018-04-18 14:35:01 +0200

[tohkbd has been given away now - thanks for the inquiries]

I have a blue tohkbd with wooden inlay which I never used in earnest. And in all likelihood never will.

Thus, time to give it away. It's free but I'd like to get the postage back (if not too much a hassle). Will send it first and if the other half keyboard works well you'll send postage. Preferably it would be someone rather close, i.e. Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc.

Let me know if you are interested. Thank you. Will keep this posted some days and if there are multiple interested parties I'll decide a little bit on your comment history here and/or random draw.

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Nice, I hope someone finds a good use for it

juiceme ( 2018-04-16 15:33:19 +0200 )edit

Did you 3D-Print the back-cover yourself, or did you get one of the original from DrikV ?

How does it fit the Jolla ?

DrYak ( 2018-04-16 15:45:04 +0200 )edit

@DrYak: it's an official one from Dirk. It fitted perfectly, the only 'problem' was that a keyboard wasn't as important for me as I thought.

chappi ( 2018-04-16 15:51:01 +0200 )edit

I'm interested if no one closer to you is!

nthn ( 2018-04-16 15:59:53 +0200 )edit

@chappi I'm definitely interested. Even I use now a Xperia X as my main phone the tohkbd would be invaluable for doing command line networking stuff. Gosh, I still use a N900 for this sometimes because of the hw keyboard but the system is now really outdated. :( Also live rather close near Munich. Haven't found a way to message you here at TJC but you could send me a PM to mick3_de at TMO if you. Thanks a lot, M.

mick3 ( 2018-04-16 16:20:12 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-04-17 14:43:10 +0200

deutch1976 gravatar image

I am interested in it and gladly pay for postage. I'm from Portugal. Waiting for your reply. Thanks

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Hi @deutch1976: I have given it away now. Best wishes to Portugal!

chappi ( 2018-04-18 14:36:24 +0200 )edit

Thanks anyway

deutch1976 ( 2018-04-19 15:49:42 +0200 )edit

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