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asked 2018-04-28 23:13:25 +0300

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Unfortunately, the contact with Jolla is still very arduous. That's why I'm interested in a community event to bring together people and companies that want to realize ideas, innovate and do business with Sailfish OS.

My company could host this meeting, maybe as a kind of boot camp for sharing ideas, questions, experiences around app and platform development. Short presentations and workshops could be part of the agenda.

Maybe we could motivate people form Fairphone and Shift to attend, which seem to have dropped the plans to offer Sailfish OS on their phones. Together we could have a voice that Jolla might hear.

What do you, the members of this community think? I would also welcome references to other events and initiatives already planned.

One could also combine a meeting with other communities of similar platforms, namely Plasma Mobile and UBPorts. As long as Jolla seems to focus on licensing Sailfish to regional market leaders, it would be interesting to discuss together alternatives that offer perspectives for innovation and business, especially for international markets.

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sounds like a fantastic Idea. The People behind Halium might be interessted as well

vorletzter ( 2018-04-29 15:26:45 +0300 )edit

Thanks for hint according helium. I will try to get in touch with this community. I didn't know them, but a brief look at their homepage looks promising.

Unfortuantley the response at the Jolla community is poor, but I will take your comment as a motivation and post this idea at the communities of Plasma Mobile and UBPorts as well.

If we could find 10 interested parties, we would start to plan this event. I think after the summer vacation season in September would be a good time. June could be too short termed for most of us. What do you think?

jsommer ( 2018-05-11 18:27:38 +0300 )edit