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Custom ringtones not show even when putted to default ringtone folder

asked 2018-05-06 14:42:56 +0300

Jk gravatar image

Well, only way I can get my own ringtones shown is put them same folder than my music is. But then music player shows these ringtones, and that's problem. I didn't found similar question here TJC. I remember that I once succesfully make own ringtones shown somehow..

I'm using unplayer music player, not jolla default player, if that matters. My ringtones is currently in .flac file format. If I get ringtones shown I believe it will effect also other notification sounds like messages etc. My device is xperia x with sailfish

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answered 2018-05-08 11:23:09 +0300

Stedephys gravatar image

you could try putting a .nomedia file in the same music subfolder as your rigtone and hope sfos ignores it. other than that you could use a music player that lets you manually set your music folders flowplayer is an example for that tough you cant go back and fourth inside a sog with that one.

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The fact that you state "..hope it ignores it" tells me that you haven't tried your own little trick - so just to be sure, I've tried it and confirmed what I already knew - the trick you suggest does not work. I created a sub folder in /home/nemo/Music and called in Ringtones, inside I created a .nomedia file ( can only be viewed by typing command ls -al ), but the problem is, when you browse `Settings/Sounds and feedback/Ringtone/Select from music files, ALL media files are of course, ignored.

Flowplayer (shame Cepi Perez is no longer developing, what a talented guy!) is unsupported, but largely, it does still work, however, I don't feel that your answer is substantial and it should be reduced to a comment/edited/removed.

Spam Hunter ( 2018-05-08 13:00:20 +0300 )edit

i dont know about you but i like to use comments for commenting or asking something and anwers for trying to answer a question also if you think i didnt put enough effort into trying to answer pay people for it and dont ask some random comunity members. if you cant afford that be ok with random community members giving answers they think might help and not spending hours trying to solve your problems and stop bitching around.

Stedephys ( 2018-05-08 13:33:48 +0300 )edit
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