[feature-request]More detailed datatransfer monitoring

asked 2018-05-16 11:14:36 +0300

Raymaen gravatar image

Today i realised that my datavolume for this monh was used up and now i'm surfing like a snail. I wonder what caused this massive datausage on the mobile networks i never had like this before. I did not find any information in the settings and i did not find any app which shows detailed datausage by every app like in android. Is there something official out there (not open repos) and it would be great to have such a datamonitoring functionality in the OS itself! Please Jolla implement that! Would be awsome!

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There's a question about it, but nothing official, afaik...

rgrnetalk ( 2018-05-16 13:47:37 +0300 )edit