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Reset emulator without reinstalling SDK

asked 2018-05-16 13:50:29 +0200

pisarz1958 gravatar image

I broke my SFOS VM really hard (lipstick won't start anymore) and it seems like there is no other way to fix that, just reinstalling the SDK entirely. Since it's a VM, you could either make a snapshot on first startup to ensure a quick and easy way to reset it (I forgot to make one) or provide some other way to reset it (if there is, I hope someone can point it to me).

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answered 2018-05-16 14:18:03 +0200

martyone gravatar image

You can reinstall just the Sailfish OS Emulator virtual machine. Run the SDKMaintenanceTool which you would use to uninstall the SDK otherwise and choose "Add or remove components" on the first page. On the next page deselect the "Sailfish OS Emulator" component. After uninstalling the emulator this way, you can add it back analogosly.

If you expect you will hit this repeatedly and you want to avoid downloading the image again, you can use local mirror of the repository - feel free to post another question if you need a hint here.

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