Full Image Backup Solution for Sailfish X (TWRP like)

asked 2018-05-25 14:17:37 +0200

ExPLIT gravatar image

Looking for an easy way to make a full Backup of my Sony Xperia X running SailfishOS. On my Fairphone 2 i had TWRP nad it was really easy. On the Xperia X we have Jolla Recovery instead of TWRP. As i know, TWRP doesn't run well on Sony Xperia X with SailfishOS.

Are there some changes or workarounds ?

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ditto that, it doesn't exist but Jolla should investigate i think weekly image backup to computer using a USB cable would be ideal. Jolla should develop a desktop backup client, aka iTunes in Apple.

DarkTuring ( 2018-05-27 01:26:05 +0200 )edit

Well, my sisters Jolla1 got corrupted, so I made a dd image out of it and was able to get the user data out. Then I took a dd image of my working Jolla1 partition and dumped it over the corrupted one - profit!

I don't know if any boot mode in Sony Xperia X lets you see the partitions, but that sure would produce a complete backup. Not very end user friendly, though...

Direc ( 2018-05-27 21:07:52 +0200 )edit