[Wishlist] mail: configurable spam folder

asked 2018-06-02 13:34:40 +0300

cy8aer gravatar image

I know, email is obsolete (or not)? But it would be useful if there would be a configurable spam/junk folder in mail account settings or in the mail app settings itself. If defined there should be a "move to spam folder" entry in the per mail drop down menu (move and mark "read" would be nice).

If you have a self hosted mail server with rspamd or a provider who declares a junk folder every mail is then learned as spam. I know, there is a "move to..." entry in the pulldown but the existing "delete.." entry is also a "move to trash" shortcut.

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Part of the answer might be here: email-app IMAP folder assignment logic.

A.Maretzek ( 2018-06-02 19:47:10 +0300 )edit