progress bar for mail attachment for upload

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hello sailors
with the new sfos update (, there is a lot's of improvement for the email app. one of them is a progression indicator, just for attachment to dowload.
then have a request for this app.
In condition to send a mail with big attachments bigger than 1mb, then the upload time with provider may be really slow (depends on the mail provider maybe).
Would it be possible to have the same feature as for downloading attachment with progress indicator?
After the act to join the attachment, the app seems to be ready to send pretty fast (And i know that it need a long time).
If we do the sending then, the app crashs.
That's the problem on my jp1 with v2.1.4.14 Please see on this thread:

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This is a good idea/request, please tag as such. Maybe the email app cover could also show number of outbox items as a single digit and coloured as per the email account? Orange for MfE, light blue for google etc. This way we know not to power down the phone or go out of mobile coverage.

rmitchell ( 2018-10-25 22:23:56 +0300 )edit