[feature request] Wifi connections/settings should be saved in the backup

asked 2018-06-11 10:31:34 +0300

Mariusmssj gravatar image

A few times I've needed to reset the phone back to factory settings and moving from Jolla to Sony Xperia X was not a smooth process since all my learnt WIFI connections got lost. Saved WIFI settings/connections should be stored in the backup process making moving to a new device or just back from a factory reset easier.

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The request might be extended to

  • a list of installed apps (at least from Jolla store) which could be reinstalled by tap.
  • the phone's user settings (menu short-cuts, layout/swiping modifications, ambiences, alarms)

If fact a cloning of everything with choice of detail depth would be the "ne plus ultra".

Spark ( 2018-06-11 14:43:39 +0300 )edit