Solve boot issues without factory reset

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It is the second time in less than a year (first time in sept 2017) that my jolla 1 shows a boot issue. To let you understand the amount of frustration and lack of trust I'm starting to feel, let me briefly expose how it went in september. The issue was the same, os not booting after jolla logo. I performed a factoryreset, just to discover that backup on sd card was corrupted. I lost all my contacts, etcetc. This time, I'mchanging my plans: making reference to this guide I don't want to performanother factory reset. I don't just understand WHY jolla states that only factory reset is sure (quote from troubleshoot section "At the moment only the "Device Reset" function works as expected."), when there are 5 options, like reboot device. We are advancing to SFOS3 this years,and issues like this are still open. I want analternative tofactory reset, otherwise I doubt I'll continue using sailfish. Just giveme some reason to think otherwise. Thanks!

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My sisters Jolla1 started malfunctioning in weird ways, and after many events the reason was deduced to be hardware (most likely a bad flash cell, or some instability in RAM memory). I have no idea how to rigidly test the flash and/or RAM condition. Frustration is real, but the device is old and the day it never boots up again gets closer and closer, there's no denying that.

I'm sorry for your corrupted backup. I always extract the backup packet on my PC as a test, and I will keep doing so. I also don't keep the backup only in the microSD card, as it is useless if the phone itself gets lost or destroyed (my friend dropped his phone to a combined harvester, it wasn't pretty).

Direc ( 2018-06-11 18:16:15 +0300 )edit

I would also like to point out, that if you have a non-booting Android device, chances of you getting your data back is not higher (personally I think it's lower, actually). I have digged a LOT of data out of a broken Jolla1, and I bet the same procedure wouldn't have been possible over Android side. When a computer doesn't boot, there a million reasons and usually your data is not lost, but it's a whole different case with smartphones. This isn't unique to SFOS, it's the whole mobile industry that has this behaviour.

Recovering data from a (seemingly) dead smartphone is not (and in my opinion can not) be something every phone owner can do. It it was easy as pie, it would significantly decrease security of the device. Having said that, TJC is full of instructions on how to do that, but it still requires technical understanding of the device - which is the way I would like it to stay.

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