SMS bad behaviour when bad coverage

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This issue has two symptoms:

  1. A message is sent multiple times by the Sailfish device
  2. Delivery report setting isn't respected

I was in a spot with very flaky cell coverage and sent some SMS when this happened.

Almost all messages were stuck in sending status, but all of them were sent to the recipient, repeatedly. Some of them 8-10 times. Restarting the phone didn't help. Messages sent before restart kept being sent to the network, while still stuck in "sending" state on my side and new messages had the same issue. Leaving the phone of for an hour resolved this. Somehow the phone didn't recieve the network ack or just ignored it.

Delivery reports were not longer received for messages sent, even though it had worked before this happened, and this peristed through restarts and switching "delivery reports" on and off again (without restart though, see below). It even persisted through the hour I had the phone off and over several days. This was resolved by setting delivery reports to off, rebooting the phone and then setting delivery reports to on again.

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