[Suggestion] Expand the user interface of the Bluetooth functionality

asked 2018-07-04 01:20:34 +0300

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By observing the gui part of the Bluetooth by settings. I ask me some questions how does it really works (does it have an automatic device-search process? may we have options for it?). Seems simples, but i miss something. And would like more control

A wish for me, would be to have a more clearer User Interface for this part, regarding what the OS is able to do in lower-level.
Where i may have more options like:

  • Choose if the device may do some automatic search or not (means should be only manual).
    Maybe how long is it allowed to do this process (max. 1min, 2 min 5min....)
  • How often should it do it
  • Separate the overview of the already paired devices, from the ones which are found with the search.
  • Maybe a button to toggle between standard and advanced options.

I think that will make the Bluetooth UI part smarter/clearer for any situation.
A little bit more options for more control...


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I don't think there is any such thing as you describe as "automatic device-search process"

When BT is active it broadcasts the id of your device now and then, which makes other BT devices aware of each other but unless there is a dedicated pairing attempt from any other device that's it, there is no other stuff that would need to happen.

When you start a device search it just records and verifies the existence of the nearby BT devices, and after a certain time it stops. That's it; there is no further actions that would continue in the background.

juiceme ( 2018-07-04 09:41:13 +0300 )edit

that would be the correct behaviour, but mostly the search works endlessly, is unstoppable, and i noticed a huge list with unknown device, and partly unknown devices from sfos, but known for me, but are not around (far away) any more...
Better would be at this place separate the view between known devices (favorites) and founds from search process

cemoi71 ( 2018-07-04 11:14:10 +0300 )edit

My J-C is set to non-discoverable. So presumably it only reacts to connection attempts by paired devices.

Some paired devices it connects to automatically if they are near, and others it doesn't, so I have to use the settings app. I assume this this configured in the other device since the J-C seems to have no setting for it.

It would be useful to be able to connect to a specific device more easily.

DaveRo ( 2018-07-04 11:17:41 +0300 )edit

@cemoi71 it just seems to me your device is broken :(

Nobody else has that problem...

juiceme ( 2018-07-04 11:24:12 +0300 )edit

maybe ... but here it don't handles about the problem, but a suggestion about a more efficient interface handling, clearer.... The problem description is for the introduction.... maybe it doesn't have it place here, because spirits maybe pay more attention on this instead of the motivation of the thread....
I want a better control of this interface on my device.

cemoi71 ( 2018-07-04 14:24:23 +0300 )edit