[BUG] Bad email exchange address

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Hi all, here is my setup. I have an exchange account, my working email, and everything works fine except when I want to "reply all".

As you can see in the snapshot, Originalemail.jpg, the problem is :

if an email has been sent to me and some others people, the email client mix emails, alias etc ..

Example : an email is sent to myself. mathieu_bvl@example.com and other people tanguy_c@example.com fabien_m@example.com ayman_m@example.com

If I select, "reply all" and I check the email address set by the email client I may have:

to = "Fabien" fabien_m@example.com "ayman"

to = "Tanguy" tanguy_c@example.com "Fabien"

etc ... and then, email cannot be sent.

in my snapshot, answer.jpg, problem is, for instance : tanguy_hisname@example.com "Lasagna.

Lasagna should not be there.

So, I looked at email address of the original email, snapshot Originalemail.jpg, and it is strange because I have the same problem (and then, "reply all" cannot work. ..) For Tanguy, we can see that : it starts with

"HisName" ""Tanguy"

<\tanguy_hisname@example.com>"<\Tanguy" Tanguy_Hisname@example.com, "Lasagna>

I expect to see : <\tanguy_hisname@example.com>\

nothing more.

OriginalEmail.jpg Answer.jpg

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Was this perhaps a single email where reply all failed or a wider problem? So looking at the original email jpg, it looks like the recipients are badly formed already with name and email all inside <>, right?

Pekka Vuorela ( 2019-06-25 15:21:58 +0300 )edit


sorry the delay, I didn't see your comments. Actually it happens quite often so, not coming from a single email. Yes, you're correct about the bad formating. Mathieu

mousse04 ( 2020-03-16 10:58:35 +0300 )edit