Phone calls not ringing

asked 2018-07-06 16:11:56 +0300

This has improved since the last update. I've got XperiaX. It used to sporadically just 1 ring, no voice mail and texts would not show up until way later. Now the phone will ring for the caller and they get voicemail, but no indication on my end a call occurred at all. Only occasionally. I'm glad its better, but this still is a big issue since I use this as my everyday phone.

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Have you tried narrowing down your problem? You could try your sim in a different device and a different sim in your phone to exclude a faulty sim card. Have you tried the csd tool for diagnosis?

Spark ( 2018-07-06 22:30:09 +0300 )edit

Different device works just fine. Just got a new sim card about a month and a half ago. What is the csd tool?

SValmont ( 2018-07-06 22:50:13 +0300 )edit

On my device, there is sporadic no network. The symbol is shown at the upper right, but when I try to send a SMS it wasn't sent. Then I'm also not able to open a web page. Don't know what happens if somebody calls me during this network loss. Maybe it is the same behaviour as you describe...

SaimenSays ( 2018-07-07 17:37:24 +0300 )edit

My Xperia X also forgets the SIM card altogether once every two weeks or so. Very annoying... No problems with incoming calls, though. You could test some other phone with the SIM, or reflash your Xperia X, but that's a lot of work...

On the other hand, I have an identical Xperia X running Android, which does exactly the same, so actually this suggests firmware/hardware issue...

Direc ( 2018-07-12 12:21:49 +0300 )edit