PBAP - recent call list missing and contact nickname not visible

asked 2018-07-13 13:15:15 +0200

allan gravatar image

Hello! I have some issues using Jolla with my car bluetooth kit. Incoming and outgoing calls are working fine, audio is routed and I'm able to use also phonebook access, except two things.

First, the recent call list is empty most of the time on my car display. I have seen the list populated only a couple of times after hanging up unanswered call. Then the list is visible only a few seconds. I have paired my car with iPhone7 also and the recent call list feature is working fine on the car side and it is usable all the time the phone is paired.

Secondly, I've imported lots of contacts from SIM which have only nickname and a number. In such cases I see only the number from my car display when browsing phonebook. If I edit the contact in my phone and add first and last name, then the name also becomes visible on car display. It would be nice if the nickname would be transferred via PBAP instead of first and last name in case they are missing.

I am using Jolla, Sailfish and the car is BMW 5 series 2010.

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