Nextcloud and Jolla 1 - caldav problem, can not create account

asked 2018-07-29 22:16:10 +0300

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updated 2018-07-30 09:01:51 +0300

I am using a free nextcloud hoster for some time now for my calendars - and it works.

Now i am trying also to add a second account in my J1 - an office nextcloud for my job.

The only difference between those two is that the freehoster installation is not on a sublevel. Meaning: freehoster - Office hosting:

Adding an account with the freehoster domain, username+passwort works - > carddav and caldav empty - and the adressbook and all calendars are available.

Doing the same with the office account does not work. Whenever i check the caldav option, add info there etc. it gets acces to the server - but gives an error right after the message "calendar details are retrieved".

Leaving caldav off - and it works. Whatever i tried so far - as soon as caldav is on - it gives errors.

Is anyone having experience with this or has discovered similar errors? Doing the same with the office nextcloud does not work.

I tried out all the old solutions for nextcloud/owncloud caldav problems in here - but they didn't work for me ( - like clean calendars via terminal.

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