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what is the latest sailfish os for the jolla 1

asked 2018-08-15 22:49:32 +0300

wisdomlight gravatar image

updated 2018-08-15 22:50:12 +0300

What is the highest sailfish os available for the Jolla One?

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answered 2018-08-15 23:00:51 +0300

Marcel Pol gravatar image

It is supported with the current version, There is no official statement when support will end, but sometimes you see the statement come by that the Jolla 1 has a special status inside Jolla Oy. The device is from november 2013, and someday support will end. Some things might be tied to the old kernel version, which is 3.4, an old Android kernel. Me personally haven't run into issues about old hardware or kernel.

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luckily they have stated (can't remember where) that they, atm, have no plans stop supporting the j1...

247 ( 2018-08-16 13:38:33 +0300 )edit

they usually repeat it whenever the question pops up (eg.: on blog posts about up coming Sailfish versions).

They currently intend to have Sailfish 3.x also available on Jolla 1.

(but I would except that they might not have an upgrade for the android layer - we could still get stuck on 4.1 on that drvice).

I can't see any reason (except hardware failure of old age) for them to drop Jolla 1 support from Sailfish. (Qt and qml is an extremely lightweight platforn)

DrYak ( 2018-08-17 01:24:20 +0300 )edit

It's also worth noting that while the main part of the OS is being developed, they stopped updating Android support on the original Jolla phone quite a while back. So while the main part of the OS is still up to the same version as every other Jolla phone, it's not completely supported to the same extent.

L_A_G ( 2018-08-17 10:48:55 +0300 )edit
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