Notes cover doesn't update

asked 2018-08-27 12:26:01 +0200

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updated 2019-04-26 16:51:59 +0200


I just started using Notes (again) and I noticed this:

  1. Open Notes
  2. Create a new note with text in it
  3. Swipe right to save it
  4. Close Notes
  5. Open Notes
  6. Take note of the correct app cover page text
  7. Change the text in the note
  8. Save the note by swiping left
  9. Check the app cover

What ia supposed to happen:

  1. The app cover contains the new text

What happens instead:

  1. The app cover shows the old text

I just noticed this. I'm using official SFOSX on F5121.


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I can confirm but I noticed when this bug happens and you pressed previous note in cover page and then press back to earlier note, then it will show edited text like it should.

Jk ( 2018-08-28 02:00:18 +0200 )edit

The phone app's cover doesn't update here, either. It shows the status of the last reboot, so it seems,. If it is the same underlying problem, it is a Sailfish UI defect, not a problem of the Notes app.

Maus ( 2018-08-30 08:15:54 +0200 )edit

@Maus, no that doesn't sound right. For example, if I peek-check the Phone cover which shows the latest calls, delete the topmost call log item and peek again, the cover is correspondingly updated. I think Notes just doesn't trigger the cover update properly.

Direc ( 2018-08-30 17:40:39 +0200 )edit

@Direc With all due respect, the user is not supposed to do anything like deleting a call entry to update the cover. On my phone, both apps show the same behaviour of not updating the cover the way the user expects it. My comment just introduced a different probable cause, i.e., the UI ignoring update events in some cases.

Maus ( 2018-08-31 07:40:29 +0200 )edit

@Maus That is not what I meant. The Phone app cover updates without rebooting the app, so the cover mechanism in the OS side must work. Removing the call makes a change, and the cover updates accordingly. Changing a note text makes a change, but the cover does not update to reflect it.

Direc ( 2018-08-31 08:32:35 +0200 )edit