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handset does not power down - steady red led

asked 2018-09-13 17:24:46 +0200

thesix gravatar image

Hi all,

just downloaed the latest Sailfish OS and started the installation process. The handset switched off, the red led went on and this is how it's sitting now since about 25 minutes. Any suggestions?

Cheers, T.

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start again

Edz ( 2018-09-13 17:33:21 +0200 )edit

Try reboot via POWER-BUTTON + VOLUME UP for some secs.

bomo ( 2018-09-13 17:33:57 +0200 )edit

Had this once a while ago. Thougt it was a one time thing, but as you have this issue now, it is maybe a real bug.

SaimenSays ( 2018-09-13 18:25:08 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-09-13 18:11:12 +0200

thesix gravatar image

Dear all,

it took about 45 minutes and then the reboot succeeded. Guess some btrfs operation on shutdown was taking so long?

Cheers, T.

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The installation/upgrade process is rarely straight forward, there are half a dozen different anomalies that can occur. Sometimes it goes without a hitch, other times, the device is bricked, but there is little to no explanation as to why this shit occurs, but it just does.

You have enough karma, you can close your question unless you are expecting to get an answer as to why it took so long, but I guarantee most if not all answers will be pure guess work.

Edz ( 2018-09-13 18:20:29 +0200 )edit
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