pulse audio 11.99 for Sailfish X [answered]

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Hi I am wondering if someone could compile PA 11.99. I am really very thankful to Jolla for providing 11.1, however it was too late already to report that there were still issues with 11.1. The issues were gone after installing 11.99 on my desktop. I asume the same as one of the issues was affecting the loopback module.

Last time I tried to compile PA it was asking for specific device files and someone suggested to contact someone for assistance. Unfort. I am preoccupied with work and family stuff and do not have any time for progress.

Can this issue be discussed. I am confident that it will improve the overall experience, performance and stability especially in the context of bluetooth or multiple audio sources and /or targets

thanks in advance

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PA version 11.99 (specifically) has some weird bug regarding bluetooth audio devices. It doesn't always trigger the correct profile on the target device. (e.g.: bluetooth speaker only playing using the old SBC shitty compression "telphone-like quality". I was able to reproduce it with a Logitech UE Megaboom, and a Logitech UE 9000)

If you want to compile something newer, go for one of the later version of the 12.x series, instead of the 11.99, as some bugs would have been fixed by then.

I would suggest starting by playing around with the SPEC file from openSUSE Tumbleweed's pulseaudio SRPM (they have version 12.2, the bluetooth audio bug is gone in my experience).

DrYak ( 2018-09-28 15:47:27 +0200 )edit

OK, thanks, then I close this and open one for 12.x. I was too busy lately to follow PA closely - thank you for the note.

BTW 11.1 is even worse than 11.99 ;-), but still better than 8.x ... so progress is important.

About compiling what I was missing was some specific config device file, but I will look next in the openSuse as you suggest. Unfortunately priorities do not allow to move faster. This is why I'm asking here if someone can provide newer version.

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