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I have been a Sailfish user for 2 years and recently started using the dual SIM to have a work phone I can disconnect on week-ends and vacation, and despite working fairly well, I'm not totally happy with the way dual sim are handled.

I decided to have 2 SIMs so that certain colleagues do not know my personal phone number… And if I have selected my personal SIM (let's say it's SIM 2) and receive a message on my professional SIM (let's call it SIM 1). If I reply to the text message received on SIM 1, I will by default reply with SIM 2 (thus telling my colleague I have a phone number they don't know of, which has kind of ruined my off-the-grid-2-SIM-cards strategy with various colleagues).

Therefore I think switching from one SIM to the other could be handled better :

  1. SIM config could be a attribute of the ambiance to make switches between SIMs both easier and much clearer of which situation we're in (the white vs colored SIM is only visible if we pay attention) :

    • attribute:incoming SIM / values:SIM1 or SIM2 or both
    • attribute:outgoing SIM / values:SIM1 or SIM2
    • attribute:internet SIM / values:SIM1 or SIM2
  2. SIM use could be a field in the contact list, with a default SIM and only specific contacts using the other one ;

  3. by default, both callbacks and SMS replies should be addressed using the SIM they were addressed to in the first place unless an action is made by the user

    • → this could be a setting of the ambiance used cf. 1 or just a global parameter
      • attribute : default outgoing SIM / values : SIM1 or SIM2
      • attribute : strategy / values :
        • based on incoming calls/msgs : you reply to the last message/call by the contact, if they have never called use default
        • based on contact list : use SIM specified in contact list, if undefined, use default
        • or those strategies could just be added to a list and prioritized e.g. contact list, then incoming, then default vs just default vs contact list, then default, etc.
  4. Also, it would be nice to be able to name the SIM cards (in my case work vs personal)

Considering one of my superiors texted me back one day using one number I did not know right before sending me the same message with the number I know, I'm pretty sure my case is not that rare and such functionalities would be welcome ;)

Anyway, thanks for sailfish, looking forward to version 3 :)

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VERY Good suggestions!

ehakkarainen ( 2018-10-02 10:29:28 +0200 )edit

I just patched the code to show SIM on callog and on phone call, and it changed my life !!!:) Unfortunately, this patch is not already alavilable on, I was enforced to do it manually :(

Cube ( 2018-10-02 11:10:23 +0200 )edit

I've just replied, again, with the wrong SIM to 2 colleagues (it's not elegant to vote for myself, but I need that functionnality ;) )

lzbk ( 2018-10-17 16:51:53 +0200 )edit