share recurring event fails

asked 2018-10-04 22:28:48 +0200

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updated 2018-10-05 10:39:39 +0200

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Calendar: I set up an event, recurring weekly for 3 weeks. I select share - hoping to generate an iCal or something (I haven't tried this before). It goes to the covers page but nothing happens.

Sorry about spelling - backspace bug makes it too hard to correct (spelling now corrected by Edz)

Continuing this - on an Android 7 tablet...

So I entered the same event into Google calendar to see if that would do it. It won't - no such feature. Back to Jolla calendar - which is sync'd to Google. Event now duplicated - as expected. I delete the local Jolla series.

I can now share the G-calendar event - 'to email' generates an VCS attachment.

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