Banking app (S-Mobiili) no longer works (Xperia X)

asked 2018-10-12 09:43:06 +0200

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updated 2018-10-12 10:46:03 +0200

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I think after the app was updated earlier this week, it no longer starts. I have tried to clear data and cache, remove and reinstall app, restart phone, but it will not show even a first screen.

Is there anyway I can investigate what is wrong? Start from Terminal to see output?

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You can get the logs from Dalvik with this information:

Connect to Android log


  1. Enable Developer mode and set the
  2. SSH password (if you haven't already).
  3. Connect with PuTTy. Run: /opt/alien/system/bin/logcat
raketti ( 2018-10-12 10:01:32 +0200 )edit

I think easiest way is to go back version 1.27 which still works. Maybe new version will work when OS 3 will come...

japsi ( 2018-10-12 11:21:01 +0200 )edit

Cannot connect with ssh at the moment but it seems logcat doesn't work; in terminal I get CANNOT_LINK_EXECUTABLE: cannot locate symbol "logprint_run_tests" referenced by "/opt/alien/system/bin/logcat"...

jeskata ( 2018-10-12 11:48:49 +0200 )edit

Seems that the path has been updated:

raketti ( 2018-10-12 11:52:57 +0200 )edit

or (tested on my Xperia X) :

chroot /opt/alien /system/bin/logcat

Basically there are two possibilities :

DrYak ( 2018-10-12 13:10:06 +0200 )edit