Is there any reason Jolla cannot offer a single use "general 3rd party software" license?

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I've owned a Jolla, an intex Aqua fish, and am currently using and Xperia X -- but in between those devices I've flashed several community ports to just as many devices. I love Sailfish OS, but its usefulness is diminished somewhat without aliendalvik. Many native apps only have limited functionality or don't keep pace with API changes, and services like Uber or ABnB are a no-go without installing google play services.

My dilemma here is that I don't want to be stuck on the same device for 3-4 years at a time, but that means I have to suffer with a degraded experience if I want a faster phone.

I know there are more officially supported phones in the works, but in the meantime, is there any reason Jolla couldn't offer a single device "general use" license where they provide access to a repo with the removed commercial components? I'd be perfectly willing to pay the same amount as I did with the Xperia X or more to have access to dalvik and the store on something like a flashed redmi 5. I'd have no expectation of support as the base OS is unofficial, but enabling me to install the 3rd party stuff at my own risk for a fee is something that would make my life much easier.

This could get around the redistribution problems roms for uncertified devices face, and offer a secondary revenue stream while giving SFOS enthusiasts what they want. What do you guys think? is there a good reason this can't happen? Would you want something like this?

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