Adapt Opera browser clone Otter browser to Sailfish OS

asked 2018-10-12 22:10:21 +0300

Firefox84 gravatar image

Hey, how about adapting otter browser an Opera Browser clone to Sailfish OS. Should be quite easy as there are already linux installation packages, i think there would just have to be done some adaptations to.include some missing packages. Tried to.install it ones, but got a error message. This would give us the opportunity to use a native Opera browser on our Sailfish X :)

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I don't use the native browser on my Sailfish X as I read that it is way outdated and has no options to block any trackers and 3rd party crap to provide a good (and private) surfing experience. Looking forward to any decent browser on my Sailfish X device. So good initiative!

Sailfishy ( 2018-10-19 13:39:32 +0300 )edit