Working with multiple addressbooks ?

asked 2018-10-21 14:18:07 +0300

JulienBlanc gravatar image

The way address books (at least, from the « people » app) currently works is pretty confusing, and does not allow to have multiple address books with different contents.

Take the following use case :

  • one address book for personal contacts (for example, in a nextcloud server)
  • one professional address book (exchange active sync)
  • local phone contacts not really used

Currently, when creating a contact with the people app, it is always created in the local phone contacts. It is then synchronized to the nextcloud address book (and to the exchange one ? not sure about that), and the two contacts are linked together. While this works fine for pure mirroring between phone and a single server, this fails at nearly every other use case.

Expected behaviour would be :

  • when creating a new contact, address book must be selected
  • contacts from different address books are only synced between their origin address book
  • when editing a contact, it only modify it in its origin address book
  • synchronization from carddav or other origins does not create local contacts, only contacts in the local cache for this address book.
  • when editing a and saving a linked contact, user can inform which address book it updates (by default, all). All data is then saved in all address books
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