Phone as audio device for Windows 10 [duplicate]

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I discovered an option in Win10 to use Jolla C as audio device (paired and connected by BT). I do connect to device successfully (windows claims it is connected) but then - (almost) nothing happens.

  1. there is no sound at all, neither from any laptop speaker nor phone
  2. youtube page stalls current clip with message (translating, so may differ from original) "If playback won't start soon, try restart your device"

I came up with the idea that I would use BT headphones connected to Jolla and route audio from laptop through Jolla device to headphones.

Any one succeeded in such use of phone speakers? Is it possible for other phones (android/iOS)? Is this bug, or just unimplemented feature?

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Bluetooth has plenty of known bugs, if you use the search facility, you will find no end of posts about bluetooth regressions/problems/cans&cannots.

As an example just for you, I can pair and use my Bose bt headphones with Jolla1 and it works fine, but if I connect to my laptop and try to use bt for audio from Jolla1, no dice, but I can play/pause/forward but I get no sound......this problem comes and goes with some SFOS updates.

Duplicate of;

Closing your question, please do always use search to see if someone has already posted the same/similar question you're asking! :)

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