WLAN connection unstable [released]

asked 2014-01-24 02:53:55 +0200

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I have had an issue with WLAN cutting the connection. Sailfish says the device is still connected (full throttle WLAN icon), but doesn't let one access a website. When downloading apps from native or Android store, it quickly loads like 10MB, then stops downloading remaining in a paused state. It is virtually impossible to download a full app. It's happening very rarely that the connection indicator shows a blank WiFi icon.

Deleting the WLAN connection and set it up again doesn't help. A reboot shows the same behaviour after downloading like 10MB from the store.

Any tips or tweaks?

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Not quite from what I read. But they may have the same cause. There's never an exclamation mark in my case while network is still working. It's more like the other way round. Also, the browser isn't working anymore and there's no connection error message. I'd say not quite the same issue.

Anna ( 2014-01-26 06:15:06 +0200 )edit