Feedback to Version 3.0 of SFOS [duplicate]

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Dear Sailfish OS Team

First of all I would like to tell you that I am a big fan of your operating system and you are doing a great job.

Unfortunately I would also like to express my disappointment. Since yesterday the version 3.0 d of SFOS is installed on my Jolla C. In short, this could have been a release 2.3 as well.

1 The configuration/modification of CardDAV/CalDAV settings is still very cumbersome. The servers cannot be changed in the existing configuration. 2. the gallery app is still not able to read and display metadata of the images or to categorize images 3. the menu navigation has not changed at all 4. renewing the "Together Jolla Com" login when the credentials are "lost" (this happens very often) is still very cumbersome

What I really appreciate is the top-down menu, how it's structured. You can certainly get used to the fact that the apps now have to be closed at one of the upper corners.

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Please create separate topics for all problems you encounter, and feel free to update topics for problems if they haven't been fixed yet. It's impossible to keep track of everyone's individual lists, so I'll close this topic.

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