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Jolla Store unavailable, is it just me ?

asked 2018-11-05 19:39:25 +0300

lutinotmalin gravatar image

updated 2018-11-05 20:04:21 +0300

Hi there,

Just updated my Sailfix X into the last version, Lemmenjoki. Everything worked fine except for the Jolla Store, who was unavailable at that time. Impossible to set a connexion between the server and my phone, which was connected to the Internet (4G, good network), then impossible to download some apps or update old ones.

I tried to delete my Jolla account then re-enter it, I tried to do a factory reset via the phone to go back to Sailfish 2.2.1, I even tried to reflash it with the official Sailfish X archive on my computer... Nothing seems to work. Even at the first installation, I am unable to install the basic apps, like Calendar or Calculator !

Without apps, the phone is broken and I can barely use it. So, basically, is there a solution or do I just have to wait until the server is back ?


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Jolla Shop is a website, Jolla Store is an app - your title and tags conflict.

Either way; shop.jolla.com is reachable and Jolla Store (app) is also reachable.

Spam Hunter ( 2018-11-05 19:44:57 +0300 )edit

yeah good point, I was confusing about the name, I'm talking about the app.

I know it's reachable, but when I want to dl any app, even the lighter ones, there is the message ''Waiting'', no dl, then ''Store has a problem, impossible to dl your app''.

The question is : why ?

Everything worked fine this morning for me.

lutinotmalin ( 2018-11-05 20:08:24 +0300 )edit

I think, i got the same problem. And calling pkcon refresh gives me this: Schwerwiegender Fehler: Datei '/repodata/repomd.xml' nicht auf dem Medium 'h ttps://store-repository.jolla.com/releases/ comm-f5121/armv7hl/?credentials=store' gefunden.

KRM ( 2018-11-05 20:18:21 +0300 )edit

Interesting... When I look at that website https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/store-repository.jolla.com it says that it is down. That would insure me, for sure. I'll let the night go, then see tomorrow if everything is back to normal.

lutinotmalin ( 2018-11-05 20:30:25 +0300 )edit

@KRM the version its trying to fetch is the wrong one ( look for ways to update manually via ssu

tortoisedoc ( 2018-11-05 20:31:57 +0300 )edit

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answered 2018-11-06 13:16:43 +0300

lutinotmalin gravatar image

OK it seems that everything is back to normal. I was able to download the basic apps after a factory reset, then upgrade to Sailfish 3 Lemmenjoki.

Fingers crossed for a solved problem !

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Works for me too.

Chirend ( 2018-11-06 19:32:06 +0300 )edit

Servers seems to be going up and down. Tried to install callrecorder just now through console and after a couple of tries it worked, but now I get the message again when trying to install phonehook. Above site says jolla repositories is down for everyone. I'll wait til tomorrow then I guess. Atleast now I know it's Jollas servers.

ragzy ( 2018-12-04 21:55:05 +0300 )edit
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