Support more backup destinations

asked 2018-11-08 16:40:01 +0300

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As many of us have to update the phone and make a backup one more time, I would like to consolidate in a single structured question the requests that many have made to have more back-end options available for backup.

Currently, as far as I understand, the only options are:

  • SD card --- assuming there's one in the phone, which is not necessarily the case for dual-SIM phones. Also, it's not a real backup in the case the phone gets lost/stolen.

  • Unencrypted online backup on Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive --- clearly unsatisfying for the privacy-oriented. And let me point out that one of the most compelling reasons to use a Jolla phone in the first place is being unhappy with the privacy status of Android/Apple phones. Note that the backups include very sensitive data: camera pictures, contacts, SMS.

As you can see, both options have big drawbacks. The obvious candidates to add would be

  • WebDAV, the modern standard for access to cloud storage.
  • SSH/SFTP, another popular option that is easy to set up on a self-hosted server.
  • an encrypted version of the online backup with one of the existing cloud providers.

Requests for one of these options have already been asked in the past:,,, .

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